Angular Service Template for Webstorm

In keeping with my previous posts about my Webstorm templates, this is my template for creating a new Angular Service.

(function() {
'use strict';
angular.module('${moduleName}', [])
.service('${serviceName}', [${serviceName}]);
function ${serviceName}() {
var service = this;

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Emoji Eater – An AngularJS Game for Ionic Framework

Emoji Eater

A few months ago I starting playing around with the idea of making a mobile game using Angular¬†and Ionic. I didn’t want to use any game frameworks, just a basic¬†game to play.

The game I ended up creating was Emoji Eater. It has gameplay that is very similar to the old Windows Mobile game called Jawbreaker. The only real difference is the “levels” where you have a certain amount of turns before the combination amount goes up. (I found it quite difficult to pass level 6!)

Now, I’m certainly no designer and definitely not a game designer, so please pardon the crudeness of the game. It is definitely not a “released” product, but it is playable.

If you’re interested in checking out the source behind it, I’ve posted it up on Github.