On a winter day in early 2015, I decided to start this series of posts on creating an AngularJS project from scratch. The first post has a lot more information, but this page is here as a guide to show what I’ve covered so far as well as a preview of what is to come.

  1. Project Setup and Introduction
  2. Game Controller
  3. Unit testing setup
  4. Game Controller into Directive
  5. Player Service
    • Create Player
    • Score
    • Reset
    • Injecting into Game Controller and assigning
    • Unit Tests
  6. Card/Deck Service via TDD
    • Create Deck
    • Shuffle
    • Deal
    • Injecting into Game Controller
    • Unit Tests
  7. File Concatenation with Gulp
  8. More Gulp Tasks
  9. Game Service
    • Deal cards to player
    • Hit
    • Stay
    • Bust
  10. The Dealer Service
    • Rules
  11. User Experience
    • CSS
    • $timeout
  12. Deployment
  13. External Modules
    • Keyboard

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