Interested in what my current setup is? Well, here is what I’m currently using for my day to day development.

Last Edited: 2019-Sept-30



I’ve been a long proponent of Visual Studio Code and I use VS Code for my daily use.  I code in Hack font size 16.

I’m currently using the following extensions:


I use iTerm2 heavily.

Font: 18pt Inconsolata Awesome (works with oh-my-git)

Terminal enhancements I use:


  • Spotify Pro is always running
  • Dropbox
  • Dash for documentation
  • Sourcetree for searching through git history
  • Webex Teams
  • Slack
  • LICEcap for capturing screen recording gifs
  • Status Bar Apps
    • Gifbar for all my gif finding needs
    • MacBartender 3 for controlling status bar icons
    • SpotMenu for displaying currently playing song
    • tyke for keeping quick notes
    • itsycal for quick calender access

Other (Coffee)