A Spaces Update (Mission Control)

I had previously blogged about how I use Mission Control Spaces in my workflow. Since my role at work has changed quite a bit (more web/less iOS) my layouts have changed a bit. It has been almost a year since I started using a ‘role based space’ setup and I’m still happy with the change.

Here’s my current setup:

  • Space 1 (Primary Monitor): Empty Space for Secondary Monitor (info)
  • Space 2 (Primary Monitor): Chrome (Gmail, General Browsing), Safari (Outlook web for work, JIRA, Stash), Spotify [GENERAL PURPOSE SPACE]
  • Space 3 (Primary Monitor): Chrome (Web Development, Karma Tests), iTerm2, WebStorm, Sublime Text [WEB DEV SPACE]
  • Space 4 (Primary Monitor): Source Tree [GIT SPACE]
  • Space 5 (Primary Monitor): XCode, iOS Simulator [iOS SPACE]
  • Space 6 (Secondary): Messages, Twitter, HipChat, Slack [COMMUNICATION SPACE]

As you can see, I’ve moved my iOS development space to the end since it so rarely gets used these days (sadface.gif) but I keep my web development space closer to the bottom of the stack. In the next few weeks, space 4 and 5 will probably get merged to keep things a bit more simple.

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